biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of anal fistula


Cologne-based physician developed FiLaC®

Until 2009, anal fistulas were very unpleasant for those affected, the operation and convalescence very painful, healing success extremely difficult to assess. Proctologist Dr. Arne Wilhelm had a groundbreaking idea. Why not use the circular laser light that he already knew from the biolitec® hemorrhoid therapy LHP® to treat anal fistulas?

Practical successes quickly confirmed the working hypothesis of the Cologne proctologist. The laser probe specially developed by biolitec® is very flexible and can be used independently of the length of the fistula duct. The limited penetration depth of the laser light is absolutely muscle-friendly, but effective enough to close the fistula.

Dr. Arne Wilhelm: "The advantage of the FiLaC® method lies in the protection of the sphincter muscle. This makes very good primary healing rates possible without the occurrence of anal fecal incontinence. Patients are also relieved by a comparatively small wound size and reduced postoperative pain."

With the use of the medical LEONARDO® laser and the innovative laser probe from biolitec®, the fistula tissue is gently destroyed and does not have to be laboriously removed by the surgeon during a major operation. By slowly retracting the probe, the anal fistula is closed as if with a zipper. The laser treatment lasts only a few minutes and makes it possible to completely dispense with the removal of the fistula from the healthy tissue.

Since the introduction of the FiLaC® laser procedure, Dr. Wilhelm has been a worldwide trainer and regularly conducts further training courses at home and abroad. However, many patients from all over the world, especially from the Near and Far East, come to his practice for treatment in order to enjoy medical progress "Made in Germany". Dr. Wilhelm: "With FiLaC® for the first time there is an almost pain-free and elegant alternative to the usual surgical procedures for patients."

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